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Finding Peace in a world of Chaos

Finding Peace in a world of Chaos

A Special evening for Interfaith Week 2019


Thursday 14th November

6.45pm – 8pm

In a world that has become increasingly stressful and chaotic, real peace is one of the most sought after experiences.

But it has also become one of the most elusive.

This evening 4 special guests share their thoughts & experiences of PEACE.

What is peace?

What brings a state of inner contentment?

Join us to hear simple personal stories & experiences of PEACE from people of various faiths.

You could return home with a more relaxed mind & hope in your heart !


Rifat Akhtar    (Muslim)

Rose Goodenough (Brahma Kumaris)

Manjit Jheeta    (Sikh)

Rev John Purves    (Christian)

Dr. Sreevas Sahasranamam ( Hindu)

Venue : InnerSpace Meditation Centre


277 High Street

Glasgow   G4 0QS

0141 552 7446

Organised by : Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a registered charity in Scotland No.SC040512

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