Inner Space is an oasis of calm stillness and nurturing – has provided thousands of people with spiritual tools through courses, talks and meditation.

Inner Space is a meditation and personal development centre managed by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK).

Events are free of charge.

BKWSU (UK) was established as a charity* in 1975 which is able to continue its work because of the contributions made by those who have taken benefit and want others to receive the same. Your contributions are gratefully accepted.

*Registered Charity Nos. SC040512 (Scotland) and 269971 (England & Wales).

Talks and Workshops

Airdrie Meditation ( In Person)


Airdrie Meditation ( In Person)


Airdrie Meditation ( In Person)


Upcoming Events

There are currently no events scheduled.

Thought for Today

Thought for today


Success means to reach such a constant level of positive thoughts that pure actions happen naturally. Pure actions are like good seeds which, when planted, produce healthy, sweet fruit. ‘As you sow. so shall you reap.’ Concern for the quality of my actions today ensures the Success of my tomorrow.


Every day spin the wheel and enjoy the magic : keeping in mind that quality, see how it colours your thoughts, your environment, your world.

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