Positive Thinking, Self Esteem, Practical Meditation  (In Person)

Speaker: Rose Goodenough who co-ordinates the centre has been practising & teaching meditation since the early 1980s. Sister Rose has a wealth of wisdom.Her talks have been described as practical, powerful and uplifting.
Seating = chairs
How to find us: InnerSpace Glasgow, Suite 16, Academy House, 1346 Shettleston Road, Glasgow, G32 9AT.
If driving enter via Killin Drive G32 9AY . Buzzer 16 to enter car park. front door press 16 CALL. Main door is to left of building as you face the front of building.
If walking there is a gate on right of building.
Visitors frequently ask us how we fund the work of the BKWSU and Inner Space.
All volunteers are unpaid. They give their time & skills freely. You can donate the InnerSpace website. https://glasgow.innerspace.org/donations
Inner Space is a meditation and personal development space managed by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK).

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