The Power to Co-operate

Saturday 25  June   2pm- 3.15pm

Talk & Meditation

The Power to Co-operate

The Power to Co-operate asks you to do the job and, when it is over, leave without the need to be praised or acknowledged. The Power to Co-operate has pure motivation and so you cannot be attached to the outcome of your contribution or require a sense of ownership in the task. This is the power that means you can celebrate another’s success as if it were your own.

InnerSpace Glasgow, Suite 16, Academy House,1346 Shettleston Road,Glasgow, G32 9AT     0141 778 6854

If driving enter via Killin Drive G32 9AY

Buzzer 16 to enter car park & we will lift the barrier & at front door  press 16 CALL

Main door to left of building as you face the front of building.

If walking there is a gate on right of building.

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Visitors frequently ask us how we fund the work of the BKWSU and Inner Space. All volunteers are unpaid. They give their time & skills freely. The Founder of the Brahma Kumaris, Brahma Baba, created the principle to provide opportunities for everyone to develop their own spiritual potential, without charge, regardless of age, background or financial circumstances. The running of Inner Space is entirely through voluntary contributions which are gratefully received.

BKWSU (UK) was established as a UK charity in 1975 and charges no fees for any of its activities, being funded by voluntary contributions. Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a registered charity in Scotland No. SC040512

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