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5 Easy steps for Transition from Climate Anxiety to Climate Action For Young Leaders

5 Easy steps  for  Transition from Climate Anxiety  to  Climate Action

For Young Leaders

Anxiety is the body's wisdom, attempting to communicate important messages of discomfort and danger. We can either be immobilised by it, or, we can pay careful attention to the message it is communicating and be galvanised. Climate anxiety is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst young adults. It consists of feelings of dread and despair, accompanied by a strong sense of powerlessness. In this session, we will explore how anxiety can be leveraged as an inner resource that propels us into action. We will collaboratively discuss and compile the most effective methods of transitioning anxiety into Proactive leadership in climate activism. This will include strategies to bring about behavioural change, which will lead to a constructive, responsible interaction with the environment.


Shantanu Mandal  is currently based in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India as part of the Brahma Kumaris community. He is a graduate in Fashion Design. Shantanu’s personal journey with the environment started in 2015 and quickly became engaged in climate activities. In that same year he was the rapporteur for the COY (Conference of the Youth) Paris.

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This event is in-person.

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Monday   1st November

3pm – 5pm

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Venue: Glasgow Unitarian Church

72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS

SEC COP26 venue to Glasgow Unitarian Church

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