InnerSpace Glasgow
Academy House
1346 Shettleston Road

Glasgow G32 9AT
Give the Mind a Rest & Recharge : Free Talk & Meditation

There are estimates that we each create between 36,000 and 90,000 thoughts a day. Many of our thoughts are negative or unnecessary - and this is what tires us. In order to reclaim inner peace and well-being we need tools to change both the quantity and the quality of our thoughts. Taking just-a-minute to become aware of what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling gives us the space to recalibrate and recharge by changing the direction of our thinking - from negative or unnecessary to positive and useful. This is what empowers us again, and with practice we can re-build our ‘mental muscles’ and become the master of our mind.

The simple practice of stopping for breaks of one minute for the mind is used every day, every hour at Brahma Kumaris Centres around the world.

In the silent pause we are putting a brake on the doing , the thinking and the speaking, we are giving ourselves space and time to be attentive, to observe the traffic of our daily life. We then re-enter the day with clarity and perspective. Taking just-a-minute regularly, we can keep in-tune with the from inner noise.

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