Unitarian Church Glasgow
72 Berkeley Street
Glasgow G3 7DS
The Future is Us

This event is in Person (not online)

This event is FREE of charge

COP26 Civil Society Forum

Yogis for Future invites like-minded people to come together, meditate and to create good thoughts and intentions for the wellbeing of humanity and the planet. 

As we all are aware, climate change and the overheating of our planet are progressing at an alarming rate. The chances that humanity will be able to reverse this are slim. Clearly, we have to think ‘outside the box’ of science and politics. The solution to our current crisis will emerge through our higher consciousness.

Welcome to an afternoon to explore such transformation that will generate inner peace, resilience and hope for the future.

Golo Pilz, Energy adviser and meditation teacher at Brahma Kumaris
Sonja Ohlsson, COP26 co-ordinator and meditation teacher Brahma Kumaris

Glasgow Unitarian Church, 72 Berkeley Street, GLASGOW G3 7DS

Arranged by: Yogis for Future  - Eco Brahma Kumaris– Inner Space Glasgow

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