InnerSpace Glasgow
Academy House
346 Shettleston Road

Glasgow G32 9AT
Worry. Worry. Worry

By giving worries attention we give them energy, and then before we know it, molehills have become mountains.   To become truly free from worry, the trick is, start living from the inside out. How does this work? When you’ve spent time anchoring yourself in your innate qualities of peace, love, happiness and inner power (to name but a few), you not only feel more empowered, but because your mind is calmer, you can see through to the heart of a problem to a solution. So make time to explore your innate qualities! If you are busy exploring, you’re out of time for worrying.  Meditation is a brilliant facilitator for your exploring. The purpose of meditation is to allow us to re-experience our core self. To re-discover what is true and what is not true about ourselves. To regain our peace, clarity, wisdom, love and self respect.

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